LIBELLULA EVENTOS is an agency that was born from the commitment of a great group of professionals, with the hope to be able to turn a traditional event into an innovative event. More than ten years of experience, is specialised in different collectives as Companies, Public and Particular Institutions, Awards and Weddings.

The agency offers the organization of any type of events, trips, company's meetings, celebrations, inroduction of new products, thematic weddings, sports and so on.

We stand out for our innovation designed by the choice of our clients, taking care of the minor detail. We adapt ourselves to any kind of service, to organize and carry out an event, to advise or just we will leave it up to you.

Antoinette Juarez Ortega 

Direction and Management

After years of hard work in different and several national and international companies she got a great experience in Events sector. Finally, she decided to create her own company, LIBELLULA EVENTOS. She works with a team who shares the same devotions.

“If you have a dream and trust on it, you get the risk it will become true”.

Antonio Espino

Photography Department

He discovered his inspiration since very young.

Many people make photos but very few are able to tell stories with images. He knows how to capture emotions, to freeze details and come back to life moments. He shows beauty and feelings with his camera in the photographic reports.